lunes, 28 de enero de 2013


Board: 217 x 55.5 cm 74l. thruster
Sail: simmer Icon 4.0

viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

New shapes

One of the interesting points on these boards are that lets me go more vertical than usual, and it turns much shorter than any other I've ever had before.

domingo, 13 de enero de 2013


There was an idea I had in my mind but I didn't make up my mind to do it.
In 2009 I did a board super light for sailing only on wave riding and no jumps. The board was quite short and wide compares to the volume. It was 224 x 57 cm and 78l. The trick was it only weights 4,3 kg. So was strong enough for surfing but not too much for jumping and use it every single day.
So, I was trying how to figure out a board very wide on the tail and really short. I'd seen some boards in the past very short, as 2,05 or 2,10 m custom boards from Angulo, but I tried them and that was not what I was looking for. Also there was another board from AHD called Seal which was something into my thoughts. It seems also that Starboard is working in such a similar board and will be soon in production.
Finally I took this board and I cut the tail with a saw directly, closed it with fiberglass and went to the water.
I was highing with this board, It was nearly exact what I was looking for.
The back footstraps was closer to the tail and the quicktail straighter. but the feeling on the water was amazing. The bottom was a single concave from nose to tail although it was very comfortable on the choppy. About the rocker line it gone flatter so it seemed not to turn too much, but it was turning much better than before, not for the rocker line but the position of the back footstrap. The outline got straighter so that gave me more speed going down the line, and wide tail gave more lift at low speed.
So I thought about all these factors and how to combine them in order to work properly well and I decided to make a new board with some changes and a construction appropiated to use it every day and don't being worried for the life of the board.
I the mean time there were some surf boards from lost called "rockets" because of the kind of tail, with a straight outline and very wide tail and a deep single concave.
Many of the ideas of my shapes come from the surfing world.
So after one year I've developed a kind of boards indicated to enjoy these days when the conditions are very poor.
This is a shape to exploit days with short waves, get planing really fast, take good speed and jump easily. At the same time it allows to make an incredible carving and snap hard on the waves and try all the new movements on the wave as 360's backside, goyters and takas.
It's definitely a board very easy to use in all kind of conditions and a very wide use range.
Some sizes are:
216x55,5 cm 74l.
217x57,5 cm 79l.
218x59 cm 84l.
225x61 cm 98l.
220x62 cm 100l.