jueves, 27 de febrero de 2014


I've six brand new boards ready for being tested and pushed to the limit.
Three compact shapes and three classic shapes, from 75 to 95 liters.
This season I'm testing about finishing glassing with different inks into the resin in order to get a nice and fancy look. Actually there is not paint at all but graphics and the antislip.
The compact shape has gone shorter than before, about 211 and 213, and wider. The back foot is further back and the stance for footstraps is wider now, about 52cm. We've changed the tail from a rocket tail to a double diamond tail, which give us more aggressive turns and less sliding.
For the classic shape we have added many other changes. Well, the point was my riders and me were always fighting to use the compact shapes before, and we were fine about classic shapes but did't really like them except when there are big waves, so we have decided make classic shapes more similar to compact shapes, I mean, we took some concepts which work good on the compact and tried to fusion them on the classic shapes. These boards are shorter now, about 221 to 223 and wider. The back foot is further back too and wider stance, but not as wide as the compacts. And it seems it works pretty well keeping the appearance of a normal board.
And seems we got it.

Both shapes are made this time just for me with 5 fin boxes in order to be tested with different sets of fins. But the classic shape is thought to be used as a quad and compacts as thrusters. Actually the classic used as thrusters can be fasters and better of get a good blend between surfing and jumping.
And compacts are able as well to be used as twinsers , which are good on small waves and fast enough for other purposes.

miércoles, 12 de febrero de 2014